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I use Maybelline New York - new affinitone. This foundation has six colours. I have -16 vanilla rose, becouse this is the lightest shade. I once bought 24 Golden Beige, it was the beginning of my adventure with Maybelline foundation. You can imagine, what's happened with my face. This was the effect of the mask on my face. Now, I know I have to buy light shade.

The advantages of this product:
1. natural face if you buy suitable shade
2. face looks really nice

The disadvatage
1. it is too liquid
2. maintained in the face eight hours
3. does not cover imperfections

http://www.maybelline.pl/PRODUKTY/Twarz/PODKLAD/Affinitone.aspx - on this website you can see how shade are available.

maintain- utrzymywać
cover imperfections -pokrywać niedoskonałości

I am thinking about change this foundation, but I don`t know what product to choose. Maybe you have some propositions? What do you think about Maybellin affinitone?
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This evening I watched 'Mean girls 'on tvn. This movie can be for some of you infantile, but can be for other people interesting. For me was very absorb, despite I watched this second times Always something going on. This movie is meant for girls,but you can watch this with your boyfriend or maybe it will better if he will stay clear of this movies There we can see many girls doing different things .
What is the story? Cady Heron, 15,[yes ! only 15, but when I watched this movies I recall my high school] moved from Africa to US and there she starts study in school. She met girls, who ruled there. She decide to overthrow this rule. Cady take over leadership in high school through guy stealing and divide friens. Rest you must watched yourself.

is meant for- jest przeznaczony dla
stay clear of - trzymac z daleka

I give a some pictures and video- Blondie - One Way Or Another. This song we can hearing in this movies.
I forgot that it could not run out of photos of handsome boys Enjoy

I love mascara! <3 It is my favourite thing, which I like buying. I can testing and buying this all the time Now I have rimmel- glam` eyes. It is very interesting, because there are two tops. First, black make lashes lounger, the second make volume. I think it is worth buying it, despite that effect is not stunning. Who knows, maybe for your eyelashes it will be the best mascara? If you has rimmel glam`eyes give me a sign it is good for you or not.

I`ll be translete in my posts some English words to Polish to a clear understanding of the text :
stunning- oszałamiający

It`s not crazy give your own number a boy, that you like. However, if this boy don`t ask you about your number and you give the first, then it`s madness. You really don`t know if this boy text you. Of course, you can regret that you don`t give your number him. If you say goodbye its very likely that you`ll never meet him. This decision is very hard but you remember, results can be direful.

Today I want to refer to my latest post and translate two English sentence to Polish :

*After a storm comes a calm-zawsze po burzy wychodzi slońce.
*sometimes happiness, sometimes sorrow-czasem słońce,czasem deszcz

Why I will be writing in this language? Because I want improve my English and show you that every day is good for learning. Your efforts will bear fruit someday

Why I chose this motto- every cloud has a sliver lining? Because, it is simple true. Now i knew, that after a storm comes a calm. That`s why you can not be sad when something goes wrong. You have to remember- all the time is sometimes happiness, sometimes sorrow