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I use Maybelline New York - new affinitone. This foundation has six colours. I have -16 vanilla rose, becouse this is the lightest shade. I once  bought 24 Golden Beige, it  was the beginning of my adventure with Maybelline foundation. You can imagine, what's happened with my face. ;) This was the effect of the mask on my face. Now, I know I have to buy light shade. :)

The advantages of this product:
1. natural face if you buy suitable shade
2. face looks really nice

The disadvatage
1. it is too liquid
2. maintained in the face eight hours
3. does not cover imperfections

www.maybelline.pl/(…)Affinitone.aspx… - on this website you can see how shade are available.

maintain- utrzymywać
cover imperfections -pokrywać niedoskonałości

I am thinking about change this foundation, but I don`t know what product to choose. Maybe you have some propositions? What do you think about Maybellin affinitone?

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